Managed IT - Extreme Critical

Managed IT - Extreme Critical


Managed IT Service for PC's or Servers

Make Your Business More Secure, More Stress Free & More Profitable.

Is your business losing ground trying to keep up with changes in technology? Are you frustrated with your present in house or on demand IT support? Do you keep experiencing emergency after emergency?

Many small businesses lose money trying to save it in the wrong places and Technology and IT support is one of them.

Having to even call a "computer guy" when you have a problem IS the problem. A superior competitive business requires true IT management not IT reaction. Waiting for problems to appear is risky. It leads to costly unexpected down time, loss of productivity and instability in your organization. In some cases, it can lead to disastrous loss of information.

Dedicated Outsourced IT Management Saves Money

Companies that have never worked with an IT Management Services firm like Data2save have often worried that the cost too great. While paying for ongoing IT subscription services does cost more than hiring a computer guy to fix a problem here and there, the savings in productivity in your business can translate into huge cost savings in other areas. One of our IT Managed Services clients is paying 10 times more in IT costs than they used to but we have saved them over $100,000 a year in business process and labor costs through our management assistance. This is what happens with true IT partnership.

Providing the same services as a full time IT department at a fraction of the cost

IT Management Services allows you to enjoy the benefits of a full time IT staff (or expand the IT staff you have) without the costs associated with staff. We can take care of the 24/7 tasks, helpdesk support, and IT management consulting all in one company.

Subscription Service

IT subscription services for ONE LOW PRICE per month including:

  • Service is per PC/Server and Per User
  • On-line Service: 5 hours per month, 24/7
  • On-Site Service: Same Working Day 7am - 7pm
  • On-Site Visits: Every 90 days
  • Additional On-Line rate: $55 / Hour
  • On-Site Visit rate: $90.00 / Hour
  • Included Devices: PC or Server
  • Additional Options Available during selection


Onsite Visit Interval
Every 90 Days (Included)
Every 60 Days $35
Every 30 Days $60
Include Additional Devices
Tablet and Phone $10